Plotter paper, cardboard, film for patterns, and cutters

PE “Technical and Industrial Service” is your reliable partner in the garment industry

  • sublimation paper and adhesive one
  • professional vertical plotter with a cutting head
  • paper for overlay, perforated one under the overlay

Our products are certified after ISO standards

The team of the enterprise is skilled and has a clear understanding of the peculiarities of technological processes and fundamental knowledge for the production of consumables for enterprises of the garment industry.

We produce a full range of paper, cardboard, and film in rolls used for clothing production. This is paper for a plotter, perforated paper, and the one for overlay, under it. It is also paper and cardboard for patterns, manual cutting, and film for automatic cutters. We also produce rolled sublimation paper for the hit transfer printing on fabric.

film for automatic cutting

Our advantages

reasonable price

  • loyal price policy for partners with permanent quality


  • in time and fast delivery
  • order a pallet and get free delivery

products list

  • a complete line of paper in rolls for plotters and garment industry
  • plotter print/cut

    • plotter printing and pattern cutting
    • our plotters support a wide selection of print formats


    • we supply paper to more than five hundred enterprises
    • we help you find a partner for mass production of author's design clothes


  • the location of the warehouse reduces the cost both of our products and a delivery

  • Industries we serve

    PE “Technical-Industrial Service” serves mainly light industry enterprises, providing them with a wide range of quality paper, cardboard and film to ensure the technological process of production.

    Browse our catalog, and you will find both paper and cardboard exactly for your production needs. Big factories, private workshops, and fashion designers order paper from us because they are completely satisfied with our products’ excellent quality at a reasonable price.

    Текстильне виробництво

  • Наші клієнти - це швейні фабрики, що виготовляють тканини, трикотажні полотна тощо.
  • Виробництво одягу

  • Наші замовники – це фабрики, що виробляють робочий, спідній, верхній одяг, вироби з хутра.
  • Виробництво продукції зі шкіри та хутра

  • Наші партнери – це фірми, що виробляють взуття, займаються фарбуванням хутра, виготовляють валізи, сумки тощо.
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