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Raw materials for the apparel and garment industry

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How to choose the best?

It is easy to choose cardboard or paper for patterns if you know how they will be used and what they are intended for. We mean a pattern as a template for making a piece of clothing with a complex shape and not a special line tool. In this sense, patterns are used in the mass industrial production of clothes or shoes. The handmade pattern creation is a step of the cutting process by hand by a tailor in the studio.as well as at home. There are temporary, permanent, and reference patterns in the garment production process.

For temporary patterns, you should not buy inexpensive cardboard, it is enough to use paper that has sufficient strength for short-term use. This material is ideal for clothes details modeling in experimental workshops.

Cardboard is used for the production of permanent patterns that have long-term use during the production of clothes. One of its types is electrical cardboard. It is used not only for electrical insulation work but also for making patterns for clothing details. If it is intended to use cardboard that is resistant to steam processing, for example, for ironing, and making shoe backs, then electrical cardboard cannot be dispensed with. However, this material is not cheap, and for the production of permanent templates, which will be used to cut clothing details, premium cardboard is quite suitable.