Cardboard for patterns EK

картон для лекал

Features of electric cardboard for patterns:

Grammage, g/m2 – 330, 550
Width, cm – 100

Cardboard for EC patterns or electric cardboard  ​​is an indispensable material for creating productional (permanent) patterns in the garment industry. It has a high wear resistance and smoothness. Patterns made of EC cardboard retain their appearance for a long time even after repeated use. EC cardboard may also be used on a cutting plotter. Due to its resistance to high temperatures up to 90 C, it is used for shoulder, and collar ironing. In the production of clothes or shoes, this material is used not only for the production of patterns but also for the backs or visors making.

The main component of electric cardboard for patterns is unbleached sulfate cellulose, to which cotton cellulose is added during production.