Paper and film for automatic cutter

Do You Have An Automatic Cutter? We Have  Paper And Film For It

Perforated Underlay Paper Premium KRF
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HDPE Film For Automatic Cutter
Perforated Paper Underlay Premium

What does film and paper for automatic cutters used for?

Film and paper for the automatic cutter are consumables necessary for cutting fabric on desktop cutting machines. The cutters are designed for the automated process of fabric cutting laid in several layers. Therefore, this process requires film and paper. Perforated paper is placed under fabric folded in several layers, so this material is used for flooring. The holes in the paper allow air to pass through, which helps to draw the workpiece to the base to avoid deformation. For this, the fabric blank should be covered with a special polyethylene film for the automatic cutter to ensure high-quality vacuum pressing to the desk. To strengthen the process and prevent both layers and the workpiece from sliding, paper is used for overlaying, which, thanks to the texture of the surface, reduces the destructive effects of the production process.

A desktop automatic cutting complex of any brand needs exactly such consumables. The ones are represented by subclasses, for example, perforated paper exists in variants with perforation sizes like micro, premium, and ultra. Depending on the fabric features, our customers choose the paper that best ensures cutting accuracy. The PET film is also produced with different thicknesses depending on the features of the technological process.

Cutting complexes are used for mass clothes production at large sewing factories, they significantly speed up the technological process. Our products are produced in rolls because of the cutters’ design requirements.