Cardboard and paper for plotters

Single-sided cardboard for plotter AT
Single-sided cardboard for plotter IT
Paper for plotter Premium 120, 150, 170
Plotter Paper Premium 70
Plotter Paper Econom 60
Plotter Paper Standart 52
Plotter Paper Econom 45
Adhesive plotter paper with a grid
Plotter Paper with a gridа
Self-copying paper ІТ for plotter
Tracing Paper
Sublimation paper
Adhesive Plotter Paper STANDART
Adhesive Plotter Paper IT

Variety Of Cardboard And Paper And Its Use For Apparel Production

Clothing production technologies require modern consumables for their implementation. Therefore, cardboard and paper in rolls for plotter used in the apparel and garment industry should answer the challenges of the day. The days when a tailor had chalk and scissors to cut fabric to make a suit are over. In the garment industry, large-format plotter printing on paper is used to ensure the production process with patterns, and templates for both manual and automatic cutting systems.

‘”Technical and Industrial service” PE offers a complete set of consumable types of rolled cardboard and paper for professional plotters, which are used in the apparel production industry. Our products are made from the best domestic or imported raw materials. We offer the following types of consumables:

Single-sided cardboard AT, IT for pattern printing and cutting, as well as manual modeling of clothes. Ideal whiteness ensures clarity and quality of plotter printing.

Plotter paper in economy class rolls is made from Ukrainian raw materials of the highest quality. Standard and premium class paper is made from imported raw materials. The quality of the printing is also ensured thanks to the uniform winding of the roll.

Paper with a grid, ordinary and adhesive for garment details hand-modeling, and pattern printing have long been in demand in the consumables market of apparel and garment production.

Tracing paper and self-copying paper for large-format printing ensure high-quality and fast copying of originals.