AT single-sided cardboard for a plotter

картон для плотера АТ

Features Of The AT Single-sided Cardboard:

Grammage g/m2 – 225
Width, cm – 150

AT cardboard is used for printing on plotters, where printing is carried out by the mechanical movement of a ballpoint pen, cartridge, or print head. Printing is possible with the subsequent cutting of one-sided cardboard on a plotter with a cutting knife. In this case, the need for printing and further cutting of the pattern disappears. This can be done in one cycle and save time. Another use of one-sided cardboard by designers is the manual modeling of clothes and the creation of temporary patterns. Supplied in rolls.

A single-sided AT cardboard for plotters differs favorably from the usual one, first of all, in appearance.

Cast chalking gives it an almost mirror-like gloss, and reduces the porosity of the front layer, which guarantees a better result when printing: a high-quality, bright image remains on the surface of the cardboard.