Single-sided cardboard for plotter IT

картон для плотера ІТ

Features Of The IT Single-Sided Cardboard:

Grammage g/m2 – 230
Width, cm – 150

IT cardboard is excellent for printing and cutting on plotters that print by mechanically moving a ballpoint pen, knife, cartridge, or print head. This cardboard provides the possibility of printing with the subsequent cutting of the pattern on a plotter with a cutting knife in one technological cycle, which significantly saves time. Another use of single-sided cardboard for a plotter is the hand modeling of clothes and the creation of temporary patterns. Supplied in rolls.

A single-sided IT cardboard for the plotter is made of bleached pulp and has a one-sided chalk coating.

This is an ideal material for implementing creative solutions. A high degree of whiteness ensures excellent print quality and rigidity. A physical strength creates a reliable basis for the realization of ready-made patterns. The perfectly smooth surface of the front side of the cardboard ensures the excellent quality of the plotter print.