Paper for sublimation (heat transfer)

сублімаційний папір

Features Of The Paper for sublimation:

Grammage, g/m2 – 46, 55, 70, 100

Width, cm – 61, 91, 110, 152, 162

Sublimation printing, in other words, “heat transfer” printing is the creation of a picture with paint or ink when, under the influence of high temperatures, they change from a liquid or solid state to a gaseous state and penetrate deeply into the texture of the material. The main element of this technology is a sublimation paper. Most often, this technology is used when working with textiles in rolls, for direct sublimation printing, as well as for intermediate sublimation printing. In this case, the intermediate medium is sublimation paper, which is later used as a heat transfer print. Our company offers different options for winding this paper and different variations of the width of the roll. The quality of printing on fabric depends on many factors. The choice of sublimation paper is determined by the consistency of the fabric, as well as the production conditions. The surface of the sublimation paper has a special coating, thanks to which the ink is not absorbed inside. It remains on the surface and, at the same time, does not spread, which allows you to achieve photographic quality when printing. Dried ink on sublimation paper looks a little bulky. Next, in the process of thermal transfer, almost all the ink is transferred to the workpiece.

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