Paper for manual cutting

Paper For Manual Cutting

Paper Underlay ECO
Paper Underlay ECONOM
Interlay Paper CLP
Microperforated Paper Underlay

What paper is needed for manual cutting?

If your garment or apparel production is small, or ad couture, that is, focused on the production of small batches of clothes, or unique models, then you will need paper for cutting by hand. By its properties, such paper is similar to the paper used on automatic cutting machines and performs similar functions. Microperforated paper is placed under the multilayered fabric, to prevent tightening of it. It contributes to the uniform tension of the fabric blank on the manual flooring complex. The overlay paper has a special texture that prevents sliding of the fabric layers during manual cutting with a cutting disk knife. The paper under overlay is an alternative to micro-perforated paper and performs a similar function of preventing slippage of the fabric being cut. “Technical and Industrial service” PE produces premium and economy class paper.