Perforated paper Premium

Perforated paper Premium

Features Of The Premium Perforated Paper:

Density, g/sq.m 60
Roll width 168, 182, 195, 235

Premium perforated paper is an alternative to kraft paper and is more affordable. It is used during the cutting process to prevent the fabric from slipping while a multi-layer fabric is cutting. In spite of low density it has high tensile strength.

The paper is laid under the multilayered fabric blank used for the cutting process, to prevent slipping, tightening, and wrinkling of fabric. Its color is light beige (the saturation of tones is different) and it is rough to the touch.

Perforated paper has an excellent quality – when unfolded on the cutting table, “waves” do not appear and the edges do not wrap, which is very convenient for its use.