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Vertical cutting inkjet plotter of H Plus 170-190-220 series

Vertical inkjet cutting plotter of the H Plus 170-190-220 series

плотер ріжучий
вертикальний ріжучий плотер

“Technical-Industrial Service” PE offers a vertical inkjet cutting plotter of the H Plus 170-190-220 series for cutting, which greatly simplifies the process of both printing and making patterns, templates or drawings. The professional line of H Plus series is the best choice for clothes production factories and design studios, which need reliable equipment and high quality of printing and cutting. Vertical cutting plotter occupies minimal space and it easy to assemble it. It takes very few minutes to start to operate it. The H Plus 170-190-220 vertical inkjet printing device has the best price/quality ratio for printing – cutting. The installation of the plotter requires minimum of time, and the paper roll clutch ensures accurate paper feed operation. Plotters of the H Plus series allow to implement the printing and cutting process in one technological cycle. Almost any paper or cardboard with a density of 40-300 g/m2 is suitable for printing and cutting. The cutting plotters are compatible with almost all CAD programs and work with files of the following formats: plt; spl; pl; hp; hpg; hpgl; dwg; dxf; ppd; pmd; hp2; p. Plotter prints by means of printing head with two cartridges. 

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