H Plus vertical cutting plotter

H Plus 170-190-220 Vertical Cutting Plotter

cutting plotter
vertical cutting plotter

ПП «Технічно-промисловий сервіс» пропонує vertical cutting roll inkjet plotter series H Plus 170-190-220 for significant simplification of the patterns-making process, and the printing of templates, and drawings. Cutting plotters of the H Plus series are aimed at industrial production, and long-term use while maintaining high print quality. They are reliable and do not require special professional training of personnel. The design of the H Plus printing device guarantees the best price/quality ratio for printing and cutting. The vertical plotter occupies a small area, and the paper roll fixing clutch ensures the accuracy of the paper feeding mechanism. Plotters of the Н Plus series allow you to print and cut during one technological cycle. Almost any paper or cardboard with a density of 40-300 g/m2 is suitable for the production process. The H Plus series cutting plotter is compatible with almost all automatic design programs and works with files of the following formats: plt; spl; pl; hp; h.p.g.; hpgl; dwg; dxf; ppd; p.m.d.; hp2; p. Plotter printing is carried out using a head with two cartridges on paper 150-220 cm wide with a roll length of up to 300 m. We recommend buying a plotter for everyone who needs a reliable operation for a long time.