Vertical inkjet plotter of H Maxi series

Vertical inkjet plotter of series H Maxi

“Technical-Industrial Service” PE recommends a vertical inkjet plotter of series H Maxi. This is an excellent offer for those manufacturers and designers who need to print a lot. The plotter has a printing system, which uses not cartridges, but a print head with special system of ink feed from special container. Thus it allows printing more and spending less by saving on cartridges.
The vertical inkjet plotter perfectly prints on paper or cardboard with a density of 40-300 g/sq.m. It is compatible with existing CAD programs. The plotter prints from files of the next formats: plt; spl; pl; hp; hpg; hpgl; dwg; dxf; ppd; pmd; hp2; p.
H Maxi series plotter is designed for long-life operation. It is easy to control it due to the presence of the understandable intuitively control panel with a monitor. Inkjet plotter assembling takes very few minutes. Thanks to the vertical design H Maxi needs a minimum of working space.
The staff of “Tecnical-Industrial Service” PE provides detailed technical support to customers and trains their staff if necessary.