Paper for heat transfer sublimation

Sublimation Paper For Heat Transfer Printing On Fabrics

Heat Transfer Sublimation Paper ULTRA 55
Heat Transfer Sublimation Paper STANDART 70
Heat Transfer Sublimation Paper PREMIUM 100
Heat Transfer Sublimation Paper ECO 46

What is a sublimation paper?

There is a need for high-quality printing on the fabric for the mass production of fabrics with bright patterns or t-shirts with spectacular prints. Exactly the technology of the large-format plotter printing on sublimation paper is usually used. So, printing is done on sublimation paper first, and then the print is moved to the fabric using thermal transfer. Thermal transfer is the process of a pattern transferring to fabric by short-term heating to a temperature of 120-150 degrees with the help of special industrial presses with heating. At the same time, it is necessary to choose the right pressure on the fabric and the duration of heating each time. The correct selection of the temperature and pressing duration makes it possible to print even thin lines and ensure high-quality color reproduction.

Print quality depends on the type of sublimation paper available in the economy, standard, premium, and ultra options. It also depends on the type of fabric you are experimenting with. Printing on fabrics made from natural fibers is the most difficult, but professionals know how to solve the problem and find certain know-how to achieve the best print quality. We recommend experimenting with all kinds of sublimation paper because sometimes you can get a high-quality print with bright colors even using economy-class paper on dense synthetic fabric. That is why we always offer our customers free test samples of our hot melt transfer paper. Having spent time on the paper selection, you will save it later, because prints on the paper are possible to make regardless of the actual production needs and use it later as far as orders are received.

Usually, companies working in this field order sublimation paper in rolls, because they use special plotters for large-format printing. The use of such plotters is dictated by the needs of the production process.